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Creating compelling content is vital for online businesses, driving engagement and conversion across various platforms. However, this process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Simply Delegated offers virtual assistant services to streamline content creation, tailored to your needs.

From crafting enticing eCommerce descriptions to writing SEO-optimised blog posts, our service is designed to streamline your content strategy efficiently. Reach out to enhance your content efforts and meet your business objectives.


Technical Setup Handled

From orientation to onboarding, we manage all technicalities related to access, platforms, and systems.


Our Team Leaders keep a close eye on your VA’s work, ensuring open communication and fulfilled expectations.

Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee

If your VA isn’t the right fit, we’ll promptly find a replacement, offering one week of service to ensure a smooth transition.

What can a Content Writer Virtual Assistant do?

Content Creation Virtual Assistants excel in producing and researching content for online platforms. They can enhance your content strategy, working alongside your team or independently, to establish a consistent and compelling brand narrative across the web.

Website Content

Video & Audio Content

Office Assistance

What makes a great Content Writer Virtual Assistant?

Social Media 80%
Administrative 80%
Communications 100%
Technical 60%
Creativity 100%
Marketing 100%

How much does an Content Writer Virtual Assistant cost?

We hire qualified VAs from the Philippines at a significantly lower cost than what you would spend on a local employee. Below are examples of the cost differences just for an annual full-time salary, but keep in mind that hiring a VA also saves you from overhead and new hire costs too.

Role Example


Content Writer

Local employee (AUD)



Admin VA (AUD)

$39,870 (save $50,380/yr)

$39,870 (save $55,145/yr)

*excluding GST

Meet one of our Content Writer Virtual Assistants

With six impactful years in academia, sharpening minds and ideas alike, I’ve transitioned my precision and passion for knowledge into the art of SEO content writing and copywriting.

My mantra? To bridge the gap between information and imagination, turning your vision into compelling narratives that not only captivate but convert.

Let’s connect and give your content the edge it deserves!

– VA Suzzy

Key Skills

Work Experience

SEO Copywriting

Project Management

Social Media Management


How do I hire an Content Writer Virtual Assistant today?


Discovery Call

Book your complimentary session to share your needs, allowing us to tailor a Virtual Assistant Recruitment Strategy just for you.

Meet your assistant

Trust our HR expertise to recruit and interview candidates until we find the perfect virtual assistant that meets all your criteria.

Start delegating

We’ll smoothly onboard, train, and prepare your VA on all necessary platforms, ensuring they’re ready to take on tasks from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Content Writer Virtual Assistant?
Hiring a Content Writer Virtual Assistant ensures that you receive high-quality, SEO-optimised content that can boost your brand’s online visibility and engage your audience more effectively.
How much should I pay my Content Writer Virtual Assistant?
The pay for a Content Writer Virtual Assistant varies based on experience and expertise, but is generally competitive, offering you a balance of affordability and quality.
What kind of content can a Content Writer Virtual Assistant create?
A Content Writer Virtual Assistant can create a diverse range of content, including blog posts, web copy, articles, email campaigns, and social media content tailored to your brand’s voice and goals.
Do I pay taxes if I hire a Content Writer Virtual Assistant?
This question depends on the tax laws of both the countries where your business is based. Generally, you may not need to pay taxes, but you might have obligations in your home country. It’s recommended to consult with a tax professional to understand your tax responsibilities when hiring an international virtual assistant.

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