Dedicated Virtual Assistant Services

Simply Delegated: Dedicated Virtual Assistants

Unlock Unparalleled Productivity

Achieve more, in less time, and boost your profits exponentially. Our dedicated virtual assistants at Simply Delegated are your partners in seamless business growth, offering specialized support tailored to elevate your operational efficiency and output.

Dedicated VA Options Tailored for Your Needs


40 hrs/wk

(~173 Hrs/Month)




20 hrs/wk

(~86 Hrs/Month)



Our Specialized Services

Lead Nurture & Messaging

Ensure every lead is attended to in real-time, maximizing opportunities and client engagement. Our VAs, equipped with High Level CRM expertise, are your allies in client onboarding, campaign setup, and management.

Prospecting & Appointment Setting

Expand your horizons with Simply Delegated. Our proven prospecting strategies, honed across 40+ niches, are your gateway to a broader client base and enhanced business outreach.

General Administration

Reclaim your time and focus on strategic growth. Our administrative VAs are adept at managing emails, calendars, databases, and more, ensuring your business operates with clockwork precision

Paid Ads

Elevate your service offerings and profit margins with our skilled Paid Ads VAs. Say goodbye to white label limitations and embrace the freedom of a dedicated, trained team amplifying your ad campaigns.

Video Editing

Step into the visual era with confidence. Our video editing VAs turn your raw footage into brand-aligned, high-quality content that sets you apart in the competitive landscape.

Client Onboarding

Offer your clients an unmatched onboarding experience. Our VAs ensure swift, seamless transitions, fostering immediate engagement and lasting relationships.

Graphic Design

Visualize success with our graphic design VAs. At Simply Delegated, we transform your ideas into captivating creative assets that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand presence.