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Maximise your reach effortlessly! Our Email Marketing Virtual Assistants are the secret weapon to captivating your audience. At Simply Delegated, we streamline your email marketing efforts—from campaign conception to crafting engaging content.

Leverage our proficiency with top-tier tools like Mailchimp and Infusionsoft, assuring that your campaigns shine. Our virtual assistants are your partners in lead management, sales copy mastery, and strategizing content that delivers results.


Technical Setup Handled

From orientation to onboarding, we manage all technicalities related to access, platforms, and systems.


Our Team Leaders keep a close eye on your VA’s work, ensuring open communication and fulfilled expectations.

Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee

If your VA isn’t the right fit, we’ll promptly find a replacement, offering one week of service to ensure a smooth transition.

Examples of what a Email Marketing Virtual Assistant can do

Email marketing is a powerhouse channel for customer engagement, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. At Simply Delegated, we offer tailored email marketing services with our virtual assistants that take the load off your shoulders—from campaign setup to crafting compelling emails.

Digital Marketing & Ads

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

What makes a great Email Marketing Virtual Assistant?

Social Media 100%
Administrative 80%
Communications 80%
Technical 100%
Creativity 80%
Marketing 100%

How much does an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant cost?

We employ skilled Virtual Assistants at a notably reduced expense compared to hiring local employees. Here are examples of the cost disparities for an annual full-time salary. Hiring a VA also eliminates overhead and new hire expenses.

Role Example

Digital Marketing Assistant

Marketing Copywriter

Local employee (AUD)



Admin VA (AUD)

$35,000 (save $32,500/yr)

$35,000 (save $49,315/yr)

*excluding GST

Meet one of our Email Marketing Virtual Assistants

“As an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant, I am passionate about leveraging the power of email campaigns to drive engagement and conversions for your business. With my expertise in crafting compelling content, segmenting audiences, and analysing performance metrics, I am dedicated to delivering impactful results that help your brand stand out in the inbox.”

– VA Eli

Key Skills

Work Experience

Email Marketing

CRM Management

Social Media


How do I hire an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant today?


Discovery Call

Book your complimentary session to share your needs, allowing us to tailor a Virtual Assistant Recruitment Strategy just for you.

Meet your assistant

Trust our HR expertise to recruit and interview candidates until we find the perfect virtual assistant that meets all your criteria.

Start delegating

We’ll smoothly onboard, train, and prepare your VA on all necessary platforms, ensuring they’re ready to take on tasks from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant?
An Email Marketing Virtual Assistant can bring specialised skills to your marketing campaigns, handling tasks such as crafting newsletters, segmenting audiences, analysing campaign performance, and managing subscriber lists. This allows you to focus on other areas of your business while ensuring your email marketing efforts are professional, timely, and effective.
How much should I pay my Email Marketing Virtual Assistant?
The payment for an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant varies widely, often between $4 to $15 per hour, depending on their level of expertise, experience, and the complexity of your email marketing needs.
How do you work with an Email Marketing assistant?
Our Virtual Assistants work remotely, handling all communication online. After you’ve brought one of our highly skilled team members on board, just acquaint them with your company’s procedures, and they’re prepared to begin!
Do I pay taxes if I hire an Email Marketing virtual assistant?
Generally, you may not have tax obligations, but there might be requirements in your home country. Consulting with a tax expert is recommended to understand your tax responsibilities when hiring an international virtual assistant.

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