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Recruiting and training a virtual assistant for graphic design can be both time-consuming and expensive, without any assurance of success. Simply Delegated provides a solution by offering comprehensive virtual assistant graphic design services. We manage the entire process, from recruitment and onboarding to ongoing management, relieving you of the burden.

We exclusively collaborate with top-tier graphic design virtual assistants, ensuring the delivery of premium-quality services. Reach out to us today to discover how we can support the growth of your business.


Technical Setup Handled

From orientation to onboarding, we manage all technicalities related to access, platforms, and systems.


Our Team Leaders keep a close eye on your VA’s work, ensuring open communication and fulfilled expectations.

Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee

If your VA isn’t the right fit, we’ll promptly find a replacement, offering one week of service to ensure a smooth transition.

Examples of what a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant can do

Graphic Design Virtual Assistants possess the capability to produce both basic designs utilising tools like Canva and more intricate designs using software such as Photoshop and InDesign. Their services can cater to various needs, including supporting marketing initiatives, facilitating product launches, and crafting engaging social media content.

Social Media Design

Website Design

Print & Media Design

What makes a great Graphic Design Virtual Assistant?

Social Media 100%
Administrative 80%
Communications 100%
Technical 60%
Creativity 100%
Marketing 80%

How much does an Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant cost?

We enlist skilled virtual assistants at a notably reduced cost compared to hiring a local employee. Here are some examples highlighting the cost disparities for an annual full-time salary. It’s important to note that hiring a VA also helps save on overhead and new hire expenses.

Role Example

Junior Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Local employee (AUD)



Admin VA (AUD)

$29,000 (save $34,360/yr)

$39,870 (save $45,779/yr)

*excluding GST

Meet one of our Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

“ As a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant, I firmly believe that my diverse skill set and creative expertise can significantly enhance your business’s visual identity and communication strategies.”

-VA Denn

Key Skills

Work Experience

Project Management


Team Leader Skills

Designing Skills

How do I hire an Graphic Design Virtual Assistant today?


Discovery Call

Book your complimentary session to share your needs, allowing us to tailor a Virtual Assistant Recruitment Strategy just for you.

Meet your assistant

Trust our HR expertise to recruit and interview candidates until we find the perfect virtual assistant that meets all your criteria.

Start delegating

We’ll smoothly onboard, train, and prepare your VA on all necessary platforms, ensuring they’re ready to take on tasks from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant?
Hiring a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant ensures professional design support tailored to your needs, saving time and resources while maintaining quality standards. Their expertise offers a cost-effective solution for all your design requirements, enhancing your brand’s visual identity and marketing efforts.
How much should I pay my Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant?
The cost of hiring a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant depends on factors such as experience and the complexity of tasks. Simply Delegated offers Virtual Assistant Packages customised to fit your requirements and financial constraints, helping you choose the most appropriate option.
How do you work with a Graphic Designer assistant?
All interactions with our VAs take place solely through online channels as they work remotely from their own homes. After bringing one of our highly skilled virtual assistants on board, they only need to follow your company’s procedures to start their tasks!
Do I pay taxes if I hire a Graphic Designer virtual assistant?
The response to this question depends on the tax laws of the countries where your business operates. Generally, you might not have tax obligations, but there could be requirements in your home country. Consulting with a tax professional is recommended to understand your tax responsibilities when hiring an international virtual assistant.

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