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A Movement Beyond Business

What started as a quest for enhanced business leverage has blossomed into a movement that transcends individual aspirations, weaving into the fabric of communities and lives.

The Ripple Effect of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

The journey of hiring a Virtual Assistant is transformative. It’s not just about elevating business operations but also about enriching lives. The freedom, profitability, and operational efficiency it brings to your business are paralleled by the life-changing opportunities it provides to the Virtual Assistant.

A Global Impact

In regions like the Philippines and Latin America, where most of the Simply Delegated team resides, the employment of a single VA can support multiple households. It’s a testament to the far-reaching impact of your investment in business efficiency and growth.

A Story of Generosity and Impact

In 2020, we were moved by the story of a VA who, through the generosity of her client, was able to extend support to children in need in the Philippines. It underscored the profound, often unseen, impact of the client-VA relationship that extends beyond business boundaries.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey. As you invest in the growth and efficiency of your business through our services, you’re also contributing to a movement that nourishes lives, supports families, and uplifts communities.

A Message from Leo Tan

“I am committed to empowering small businesses through the strategic integration of Virtual Assistants. The ripple effect of this integration is a source of inspiration, driving our mission to create a world where business growth and social impact converge harmoniously.” – Leo Tan

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