List Building

LIST BUILDING with Simply Delegated

Unlock Access to Your Ideal Clients

Are you ready to connect directly with the decision-makers who need your services? Discover the power of precision with Simply Delegated’s custom leads list building service.

Big Lists or Small Lists
(500 - 5,000)


Dedicated Project Manager: Your ally in precision, ensuring each lead aligns with your specific criteria.

Verified Contact Information: Business owner’s name, email, and phone number, meticulously verified for accuracy.

Tailored Packages: Choose between packages of 500 to 5,000 leads, customized to fit your outreach scale.

Delivered in Google Sheet Format: Seamless access and integration, making your outreach efforts efficient and organized.

Tax Deductible Services: An investment in growth that’s also optimized for your financial efficiency.

Quick Project Assignment and Turnaround: Because we know that in the world of business, every moment counts.

$0.60 / Lead: Transparent, upfront pricing offering unmatched value.

$0.60 / Lead