Paid Ads

PAID ADS with Simply Delegated

Amplify Your Reach, Maximize Your Impact

In the digital landscape, visibility is currency. With Simply Delegated, step into a world where every ad is not just seen but resonates, where every campaign is not just launched but lands impactfully.

Unleash the Power of Precision Targeting

Your Strategic Partner in Digital Dominance

Break free from the constraints of white-label fulfillment and embrace the freedom of having your dedicated Paid Ads VA. Our team, skilled and experienced across platforms, is your ally in scaling service offerings and profit margins.

PAID ADS Features

Multi-Platform Mastery: Facebook, Google, YouTube, with TikTok on the horizon.

Dedicated Ads Manager: Your campaign commander, ensuring precision targeting and impactful delivery.

Weekly Reporting: Insights delivered, ensuring you’re informed and empowered at every step.

Flat Rate, Max Value: Transparent pricing, no hidden fees, maximum ROI.

Tax Deductible: An investment that’s as financially savvy as it is strategically potent.

No Setup Fee: We value your trust; initiation is on us (Reg. $495).

Streamlined Onboarding: A seamless start to a journey of amplified impact.



1st Platform ($197/mo for each additional platform)