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Discover the simplicity and freedom of choosing a VA service with Simply Delegated. We offer transparent and straightforward pricing to ensure you can focus on growing your business without any hidden costs.


Live Lead Nurture



Dedicated VA












50 Pack






Unlimited +



With the human rollover services, the Level 9 Virtual team will use the Eliza platform to respond to every message from every lead that comes in.

These can be messages for your own business or that of your client’s location. All leads will be managed with a goal of getting them scheduled for an appointment, whether phone, virtual or in-person.

Most small businesses need help responding to their leads, now that we have that covered, it’s time to focus on setting appointments.

Whether a phone or in-person appointment, using the FAQ templates as a conversation guide and answers to the questions your leads will ask, our Live Nurture team will be able to get you more booked appointments.

Control the details of your messaging with FAQs.

Customize your FAQs for each appointment type, for each client’s business, and ensure the right information is delivered every time.

The FAQ templates are quick to use with a simple click to copy and paste the right answers to messages in real-time.



40 hrs/wk

(~173 Hrs/Month)




20 hrs/wk

(~86 Hrs/Month)



Lead Nurture & Messaging

Have your VA follow-up with yours or your client’s leads in real-time. Never miss an opportunity and keep your clients results growing.

Using follow-up systems like High Level help your VAs ensure they create opportunities and help you book appointments to grow your business and your client’s.

High Level CRM Services

From client onboarding to campaign setup and ongoing management, your High Level trained Virtual Assistant will relieve you of the labor involved with use of this platform.

All VAs are trained by our Subject Matter Experts to use every aspect of the software. They are kept up-to-date of all new feature releases and have a line to get HL support as needed.

Prospecting & Appt Setting

Do you need more clients? Our prospecting methods have been used successfully in over 40 different niches.
We use multiple channels to connect with your target audience and effective mediums of communication to reach them.

Grow your client base by having your VA help you generate new sales opportunities for your business.

General Administration

Offload all of those “busy” tasks that eat up your time, but need to get done.

Your Administrative VA will cover everything from email inbox and calendar management to database clean-up, file management, internal communications, data entry and so much more.

Think of tasks that take up time and offload it.

Paid Ads

Scale your service offerings and your profit margins by having your own Paid Ads VA. One VA can learn to manage many clients allowing you to grow your profit while bringing on more clients.

No more using white label fulfillment that limits your profit potential. Use your own team of trained and skilled VAs. Paid Ads VAs have experience working in one or all of the above Ads platforms.

Client Onboarding

It’s important that new clients get the immediate onboarding attention they need to keep moving. Momentum allows you to help get them results quickly.

Your Onboarding VA can guide new clients through your onboarding process, support them getting launched and be there to support their needs ongoing.

Give your new clients the best onboarding experience possible with your own team of onboarding VAs.

Graphic Design

Bring on a skilled graphic designer to help you produce incredible creative assets for your business and fulfill for your clients.

Graphic design plays a major role in your marketing and advertising as it’s what customers will associate with for your brand.

Hire a strong Graphic Design VA from Level 9 Virtual and produce creative strengthens your brand and drives your vision forward.

Video Editing

Video content is extremely important in today’s visual world. Now you can shoot as much video content as you can while your video editing VA turns raw footage into high quality brand specific deliverables.

Need to help your clients produce great content? Your Video Editing VA will make your client’s look great, keep them on brand and increase their perceived value in the market.

Great video content will set you apart from your competition.


POD 40

40 hrs/mo



POD 25

25 hrs/mo



Data Mining & List Building

Generating lists of prospects is a labor intense task, outsource this to your VA POD and focus on the activities that generate revenue.

Scraping, data mining tools, and some manual data hunting makes this service highly valuable in your business growth plan.

Social Media Posting

It’s time consuming, but it must be done. We use platforms to ensure your content is delivered efficiently and without fear of having your accounts banned.

Share some content with us or allow us to help create some with our creative content library.
We can help you keep conversations alive on your social channels.

High Level CRM Build-Outs & Implementation

New account setup, campaign builds, funnels, landing pages, websites. Troubleshooting, triggers, cleaning up existing campaigns and integrations as needed.

All VAs are trained by our Subject Matter Expert to use every aspect of the software. They are kept up-to-date of all new feature releases and have a line to get HL support as needed.

Graphic Design

Our team of exceptional graphic designers will help you create marketing collateral, website mockups, social media imagery, print material, logos, brochures, flyers, you name it.

Simply assign your task sharing the ideas and some examples for the design and watch it come to life.

Video Editing & Graphics

Video is important in your business and it’s easy to shoot your own, but the editing is where skill crosses desire.

Use our video editing VAs to create rich content that helps you grow your business. Or… use our VAs to serve the video editing needs of your clients and earn higher rates for your services.

Website Updates & Support

WordPress sites, Go High Level and Clickfunnels landing pages, our website team is highly skilled at delivering results for your business and your client’s.

White Label the development and add website development to your list of services without the need to hire internal staff.