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A Sales Virtual Assistant can aid your Sales Manager by assisting in lead generation, handling customer inquiries, scheduling appointments, and other related tasks. Their specialised skills can be a valuable asset to your team if you aim to enhance sales through better customer service.

Technical Setup Handled

From orientation to onboarding, we manage all technicalities related to access, platforms, and systems.


Our Team Leaders keep a close eye on your VA’s work, ensuring open communication and fulfilled expectations.

Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee

If your VA isn’t the right fit, we’ll promptly find a replacement, offering one week of service to ensure a smooth transition.

Examples of what a Sales Virtual Assistant can do

They are dedicated to elevating the customer experience at every touchpoint. From the first point of contact to nurturing client relationships and offering comprehensive after-sales support, our Sales VAs are passionate about advocating for your customers, ensuring your service is unparalleled at every stage. Want to provide outstanding service that impresses every time? Let’s discuss how our Sales VAs can help.

Sales Support

Customer Service

Customer Relationship Management

What makes a great Sales Service Virtual Assistant?

Social Media 60%
Administrative 100%
Communications 100%
Technical 80%
Creativity 60%
Marketing 80%

How much does an Sales Virtual Assistant cost?

We employ skilled virtual assistants at a much lower expense compared to hiring someone locally. Here are examples showing the cost differences for an annual full-time salary. Additionally, consider that hiring a VA also reduces overhead and expenses related to new hires.

Role Example

Sales Assistant

Customer Service Rep

Local employee (AUD)



Admin VA (AUD)

$35,000 (save $25,000/yr)

$35,000 (save $26,797/yr)

*excluding GST

Meet one of our Sales Virtual Assistants

“As a Sales Virtual Assistant, I firmly believe in the power of personalised communication and strategic outreach to drive sales growth. With a dedication to understanding clients’ needs and a knack for building strong relationships, I am committed to exceeding sales targets and driving revenue for your business.”

-VA Mara

Key Skills

Work Experience


Customer Support


Digital Marketing

Social Media Support

How do I hire an Sales Virtual Assistant today?


Discovery Call

Book your complimentary session to share your needs, allowing us to tailor a Virtual Assistant Recruitment Strategy just for you.

Meet your assistant

Trust our HR expertise to recruit and interview candidates until we find the perfect virtual assistant that meets all your criteria.

Start delegating

We’ll smoothly onboard, train, and prepare your VA on all necessary platforms, ensuring they’re ready to take on tasks from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Sales Virtual Assistant?
Hiring a Sales Virtual Assistant can streamline your sales process, increase productivity, and help you reach your sales targets more efficiently. They can handle various tasks such as lead generation, prospecting, and customer follow-ups, allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals and growing your business.
How much should I pay my Sales Virtual Assistant?
The payment will vary depending on several factors. Take into account:
  • The required availability in terms of hours.
  • The skill level necessary for your tasks.
  • Any additional supplies or expenses.
Simply Delegated provides Virtual Assistant Packages tailored to your needs and budget, assisting you in selecting the most suitable option.
How do you work with a Sales Virtual Assistant ?
Since our VAs operate remotely, all communication occurs online. Once you’ve selected one of our assistants, simply guide them through your company’s onboarding process, and they’ll be prepared to commence their tasks.
Do I pay taxes if I hire a Sales Virtual Assistant?
Although you may not usually be obligated to pay taxes, there could be requirements in your own country. Consulting with a tax professional is recommended to grasp your tax obligations when employing an international virtual assistant.

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