VA POD Services

Simply Delegated: Dedicated Virtual Assistants


VA PODs (Projects On Demand) by Simply Delegated are your ticket to a world where tasks are completed with precision, and your time is truly your own. Dive into a realm where skilled Virtual Assistants transform your to-do list into a done list.

A Symphony of Skill and Efficiency

VA PODs are not just about getting tasks done; they’re about getting them done right. With a dedicated Project Manager at the helm and a team of skilled VAs, every task is a masterpiece of efficiency and excellence.


POD 40

40 hrs/mo




25 hrs/mo



Our Specialized Services

Data Mining & List Building

Generating lists of prospects is a labor intense task, outsource this to your VA POD and focus on the activities that generate revenue. Scraping, data mining tools, and some manual data hunting makes this service highly valuable in your business growth plan.

Social Media Posting

It’s time consuming, but it must be done. We use platforms to ensure your content is delivered efficiently and without fear of having your accounts banned. Share some content with us or allow us to help create some with our creative content library. We can help you keep conversations alive on your social channels.

High Level CRM Build-Outs & Implementation

New account setup, campaign builds, funnels, landing pages, websites. Troubleshooting, triggers, cleaning up existing campaigns and integrations as needed. All VAs are trained by our Subject Matter Expert to use every aspect of the software. They are kept up-to-date of all new feature releases and have a line to get HL support as needed.

Graphic Design

Our team of exceptional graphic designers will help you create marketing collateral, website mockups, social media imagery, print material, logos, brochures, flyers, you name it. Simply assign your task sharing the ideas and some examples for the design and watch it come to life.

Video Editing & Graphics

Video is important in your business and it’s easy to shoot your own, but the editing is where skill crosses desire. Use our video editing VAs to create rich content that helps you grow your business. Or… use our VAs to serve the video editing needs of your clients and earn higher rates for your services.

Website Updates & Support

Wordpress sites, Go High Level and Clickfunnels landing pages, our website team is highly skilled at delivering results for your business and your client’s. White Label the development and add website development to your list of services without the need to hire internal staff.